These are the equipments which are used for the filtration of water containing microbes, which can harm the human body. It is an estimate that 80 percent of the diseases are caused by the water borne micro organisms.

Working of the System

In this process the water is flown through UVWT (Ultra Violet Water Tubes). In this process there is no change in the color, odour, Temperature, PH and chemical composition of the water. The ultra violet light is generated by mercury vapor tube and this light is rich in micro-bicidal wavelengths.

The method of using UV filters is the simple and effective way of destroying microbes like algae, bacteria, fungi and virus without use of any chemicals or heating process.

Applications of UV Filters

  • Widely used for domestic and Municipal water supply
  • Used in Hospitals and Hotels
  • Used in clubs, food and Beverage production
  • Treatment of Secondary and Tertiary Effluents
  • Production of Sugar Tanks