The green technology has a very good future prospect in India and abroad. The green technology is emerging as it has both the environmental advantages as well as help in technological boom. The green technology involves the use of renewable sources of energy. The renewable sources of energy involves the power generation through wind, water and sunlight. The only problem with these renewable sources of energy is that they are not always available for the generation of electricity. This is because the green sources are intermittent. For example the wing may not blow swiftly and the sun may not shine brightly. Thus the humans have to depend upon the nature for the renewable sources to generate electricity. In case of discontinuity the dependence increases on non renewable sources of energy like coal for electricity production. They are also needed to stabilize the grid.

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Makes India Clean deals with Sewage Treatment Plants, waste water treatment plants, Water Harvesting Plants, Biogas plants related product and services. In past the company has installed many biogas plants and sewage treatment plants in different locations of India, both rural and urban. The company specializes in the Sewage treatment plants of both the centralized and de centralized types.

With the un-comparable growth of the green technology sector more and more new companies are coming in to existence. The new companies are also getting complete support and help from the other big players in the sector and also government bodies. Special subsidies as well as financial and technological help are provided by the government bodies.