Sewage Water Treatment

Sewage treatment plant

Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage Treatment plant are an important source of reducing pollution. They are a way to convert the polluted water to pure and non polluted form. The water coming out from various industrial sources is in the contaminated form.

Sewage Treatment Plant are industry scale projects to reduce the amount or the concentration of the pollutants in the water and to convert it in the form, suitable for end use.

The end use of the water can be using water for drinking, using water for irrigation or using water for industrial purpose. The general processes are physical processes like filtration or process like settling. The other processes are chemical processes like coagulation and disinfection.
The pollutants or the substances whose concentration needs to be reduced by applying the methods of Sewage Treatment Plants are categorized as follows:
• Biological Waste
• Mineral Waste
• Chemical Waste

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