Electrolytic Treatment of R.O. Rejects

Rejects can be treated by our electrolytic technology so as to decrease hardness and eliminate the contaminants rejected by the RO plants.

The following elements which we can remove from R.O. rejects:

  • Ca         reduction 40%
  • Mg        reduction 35%
  • HCO3   reduction 25%
  • SO4      reduction 15%
  • NO3     reduction 70%
  • SiO2     reduction 90%

This will help in more water recovery and considerably reducing load on the evaporators and offer lower operating cost.

Following are the Special Features of the Electrolytic Treatment:

  • It Starts & stop at its own control
  • It has Packaged modular in construction
  • Its operation is Noiseless
  • The plant is Compact with small foot print
  • It is environmental, operator and user friendly and custom designed
  • It is easily expandable and can be retrofitted in the existing facility