Recycling Plant

Our preliminary system of wastewater treatment involves various steps. The incoming wastewater enters the screen, where the large objects or impurities are removed. Large objects may create problems for the downstream processes, hence they are removed at the initial stage. Then the water is sent to the grit chamber, where the heaviest materials settle out and are dragged to a regulated landfill. At last, the fine screens remove coarse organic materials for further treatment.

The secondary system of wastewater treatment plant includes equalization basins that give temporary storage of wastewater when the incoming flow exceeds the average daily flow. To maintain a steady, equalized flow, wastewater is consistently pumped back into the flow stream. The water recycling process embraces disinfection and filtration of the secondary waste matter that produces recycled water suitable for the domestic uses. An additional filtration process known as Tertiary treatment chases the primary as well as secondary treatment processes. The tertiary treatment offers expanded water recycling.

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