Rain Water Harvesting

Rain Water Harvesting is a process of collecting the rain water and its storage and then using it for specific purposes. The main idea is the re use of rain water, instead of letting it go and get disposed. The rain water is collected from roofs and other high places, from where the water is falling on the ground. Rain water can be collected from the roofs or the rivers. This rain water at many instances is stored in deep pit or reservoir. The collected water is used for the following purposes:

  • Using water for gardening
  • For Irrigation purposes
  • Using water for domestic purposes
  • As drinking water
  • Can be also used for ground water recharge

The main advantages of the rain water harvesting are mentioned below:

  • The harvested water can be used to supplement the main water supply whenever there is a need.
  • During the situations of shortage of main water source this water can be used
  • It can be used as a water source in cases of droughts
  • Rain water harvesting is helpful in preventing floods in the low lying areas during the time of heavy rainfall
  • It helps in providing potable water as this water is free from all type of salts and other impurities.


Thus the concept of rain water harvesting is of immense use for both the remote areas as well as urban areas. The cost for installation of rain water harvesting system is also very less as compared to the advantages it gives over its life time.

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