The Rurban Bio Gas Model

In general the Fruit, Vegetable and Kitchen Waste has the capacity to generate 40 percent more biogas per ton of waste than the MSW (Municipal Sewage Waste) MIC has an edge over other companies in setting up various Biogas projects in both the domestic and International markets. We are a full service company in the business of Biogas Plants. We ensure resource optimization with utilizing the zero waste technology. Our experienced staff is committed to provide a world class services to our clients. Our research and Development department is striving hard to find the new ways and technology to be utilized in our projects with reputed clients. We believe that the quality delivered speaks of itself. We offer the benefits of total customization for our clients.MIC can provide all the technology and options discussed in this website. MIC specializes in the design and construction of all kinds of Bio Gas Plants as well as biogas enrichment system on a consultancy basis. We use the unique and proven ADT (anaerobic Digestion Technology). MIC has designed and commissioned more than 20 biogas plants for different sectors including dairies, slaughter house etc.