Sumul Dairy (Surat) 300 M3/day

The generated biogas is collected through a balloon connected to the digester. An appropriate pressure of the biogas with compressor system is maintained with the help of a regulator, which regulates the biogas from the balloon to the kitchen burners at various instants. The collected biogas is then sent to sweet sections, Canteen and Parlous area’s gas burners for the reuse by GPRS (Gas pressure regulating system). These GPRS maintain the appropriate pressure of the biogas to the kitchen burner which may depend on the demand of the gas. We were using Natural gas from M/S Gujrat gas in Canteen and sweet sections. We are in the process of using Bio Gas from 18.06.2011. At present the Bio Gas is being used in Sweet Making Section, Canteen and Sumul Parlour. By November-2012, our company has saved total amount of Rs.12.31 Lakhs by maximizing the use of Bio Gas at Sumul Dairy, Surat.
SUMUL has got many national and international awards for this project. FICCI, IDF Awards are few among them.

PERIOD Total gas unit of Gujrat Gas Total Bill Amount in RS. Total Production in kg AVG Gas consum./kg Production
2009-10 104875 1921949 754326.8 0.14
2010-11 51494 1080687 933505.9 0.06
2011-12 30652 917813 909365 0.03