Biogas is the proposed source of fuel and heat for the kitchen by using the cattle dung as well as available food and green wastes. This proposed project can be of interest for investor or institution in the form of a social responsibility initiative. Also it will provide real time exposure to students of various science and technology college from Gujarat. Besides the social development initiative the investor will have a good return on Investment in form of sale of organic manure at the market price as well as the carbon credit generated from the operations. The project site is close to the habitat of endangered species of Asia Lions.

Land Required: 40 mtrs x 40 mtrs
Installation Period: 6 Months
Stabilization Period: 3 Months
Raw Material Required Per Day: 2000 Kgs
Biogas Output Per Day: 85 M3 for cooking purpose
Organic Manure Output Per Day: 600 Kgs for soil enrichment