Community Biogas Based power project

@Village Bhintbudrak, District Tapi, Gujrat, India

Project Ownership: Village Cooperative Society Biogas Plant Capacity: 4000-4500 m3/day
Type of Biogas Plant: Floating Dome Type
Raw Material: Animal Dung
Raw material Quantity: 3.5 MT/Day
End use of Biogas: Community supply through underground distribution network for purpose of cooking
Gas Availability: 2 hours each in morning and evening
Project Status: Operational to customer satisfaction level
Daily Gas Generation: 170 m3
Gas Consumption per family: 1.2 m3/ day
Total Connections: 124 houses
Monthly LPG replaced by biogas: 17 kg LPG/family/month
Advantage to users: Availability of biogas round the clock at uniform pressure at lower price
Domestic LPG cost for 14.2 kg cylinder @ INR 500/-
The Bhintbudrak Biogas cost: INR 250 per month per household