Biogas Supply through Pipeline

@ Village Dakor, Taluka: Thasra, Kheda, Gujrat, India

Biogas Generation Capacity: 400 M3/Day
Bio-fertilizer/Slurry Production 1.6 MT/day
Quantity of biomass to be processed 8 MT
With the help of a blower the biogas collected in the gas holder will be pressurized. The gas is next sent to a biochemical column which is mounted next to digester. By the action of gravity the gas will flow through the column. The H2S will get trapped in the column and it will be decanted later on. The gas going out from the column will contain a lesser percentage of the H2S and the gas could be used as cooking gas. The slurry produced can be used as a fertilizer product. It has a high nutrient content. The proposal is to use some part of the slurry as fertilizer and use remaining to convert it to vermin compost.