Biogas Bottling Project

@Village Dhantej, Taluka Savli, Vadodara, Gujrat, India

Village: Nanajhambuda
District: Bharuch
State: Gujarat, India

Investor Profile: The Investor is an entrepreneur having a global exposure and good knowledge in the field of finance and economics. He had a vision of making a proper and optimum use of the land he had in Gujrat.
Project Rationale: The availability of agricultural land as well as in house cattle and selected crop has prompted for organic farming. Also there was an easy access to raw in-feed in the form of cattle dung and the easy sources of green waste has further aided in the decision making. The real difference was made by clarity to utilize the end products. These all factors decided the initiative to go for the product.
Project status: The project is operating at satisfaction level of the customers. The biogas is used for the cooking purpose as well as multi electrification of the farm. The organic manure is used for the purpose of soil enrichment.