Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) Technology

The MBBR(Moving Bed Bio-film Reactor) process can be used as an individual or in combination with activated sludge. Moving bed biofilm reactor can easily be installed in existing tanks or basins. It is very flexible and easy to operate. Makes India Clean is a pioneer in offering the MBBR solution. We offer a proven technology with more than 500 installations worldwide. In the MBBR biofilm technology, a biofilm is a number of micro-organisms in the moving parts that grow protected within engineered plastic carriers. It is cautiously designed with a high internal surface area.

The biofilm carriers are poised and comprehensively mixed all through the water phase. It is feasible to hold extremely high loading conditions without any trouble of clogging with the help of this technology.
It is used to treat industrial and municipal wastewater within a moderately small area.

Key Features of MBBR Process by Makes India Clean

• Covers a small area
• Easy to operate and maintain
• Low maintenance cost
• No skills required to operate
• Low energy required to operate
• Robust system
• Easy upgrade
• The system enhances nitrification

Makes India Clean is the fastest-growing company that offers the wide functional range of MBBR Biofilm Technology. We guarantee to recognize your needs and then customize the services. We meet high-quality standards within your budget. We have done 500 + MBBR solution installations worldwide. We are reckoned name in the industry to design and develop economical services without affecting the quality.