One of the Sectors which are growing at a tremendous pace is of green technology. One can understand the expansion of the sector of green technology by the fact that the green technology subject is now introduced in the curriculum of universities. The green technology is even taught to the IIM graduates in their MBA curriculum. IIM Ahmadabad is the first to take lead in this matter.

Some of the factors which have led the growth of the green technology sector are:

  • Pollution caused by the non renewable sources of energy
  • Low cost of renewable sources of energy
  • Green house effect related environmental hazards
  • The depletion of non renewable sources of energy
  • The problem of global warming
  • The problem of increasing of sea levels.

All the above factors along with many other ones have contributed to the growth of green technology sector. Many new companies have emerged in the sector and they are getting special support of government bodies also. There is a strong relationship between the growth of Information Technology (IT) and green technology sector. The green technology is closely necked with the sophisticated technology and automation. The automation will be the important part in the installation of plants related to green technology like the water treatment plants, Sewage treatment plants, water harvesting plants and others.

Makes India Clean is a company which is now a major player in the field of green technology. The company deals with green technology services like the water treatment plants and Bio gas PlantsMakes India Clean is serving its clients satisfactorily now for many years.