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Electrolysis is a method linking the passage of electricity through the sewage. With this technique,  the electrical current destabilizes suspended colloidal particles and changes the charge on suspended particles by allowing the water to get purified.

These days, the Electrolytic Waste Water Technology is one of the most frequently used methods to purify the wastewater. It is eccentric non-biological & chemical free method. The technique has the power to treat the wastewater effectively when compared to other conventional methods. The treatment is known to remove even non-biological & toxic contaminants from the waste streams efficiently. The system is preferred as it is compact modular in construction and noiseless on the operation.

Key Features Of Electrolysis Treatment of Wastewater

  1. Embraces unique bipolar technology
  2. Modular in construction
  3. Acquires less space
  4. Custom designed
  5. Easily expandable
  6. Retrofitted in the existing facility
  7. Higher pollution removal rates.

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