Effluent Treatment Plant

The effluent treatment plant is a practice to purify wastewater by eliminating industrial waste. Purified water can be either reused or returned to the water cycle with nominal environmental issues.  With the transformation in the world, effluent treatment plants are high in demand these days as it helps in deciphering environmental pollution concerns. The effluent treatment plant not only removes pollution effluent but also saves energy.

Types of Effluent that can be treated:

Makes India Clean designs the effluent treatment plant in such a way that it can remove different types of effluents and eventually meet strict pollution control norms.

  • Oil Water Effluent Treatment:

When water contains oil effluent then Oil-Water Effluent Treatment plat is used to treat water. The main source of oil effluent is from different factories like Turbine building, Transformer Area, Workshop, etc.

  • Service Water Effluent Treatment:

When water contains turbidity and suspended solids, then service-water effluent treatment plant is used to treat water. The process includes dumping of waste water into the flash mixer, where the chemical process takes place.

Sludge Water Effluent Treatment:

Sludge Effluent treatment is the process of managing and disposing of sewage sludge. It is designed to treat sludge that contains lesser amounts of solid material.

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