BioGas Plant

BioGas is a mixture of various gases which are produced by the decomposition of organic matter in the lack of oxygen. It can be produced from the raw materials like plant wastes, agricultural wastes and food waste. Biogas is produced by anaerobic decomposition of the raw material by anaerobic bacteria in the absence of the oxygen. The process of Biogas production starts in a closed system. The composition of Biogas is mainly methane with carbon dioxide with small traces of other gases. When burnt biogas release considerable amount of energy and thus it can be used as a fuel for many purposes. The biogas can be used to generate heat for cooking and also can be used in gas engine to generate electricity and heat.

The biogas is produced by the anaerobic digestion of biodegradable wastes inside a land fill. Due to microbes present and the chemical reactions the BioGas is released from the waste inside the land fill. It can also be produced in an anaerobic digester in which the chemical reactions take place in the absence of oxygen and the biogas is produced.

A BioGas Plant is considered as a set of anaerobic digesters in which various agricultural wastes are fed. Anaerobic digesters is the name given to air tight tanks of different sizes and configurations in which the micro biological reactions take place besides other reactions in the absence of oxygen and biogas is produced.